Workstation PC Installation:

Acceledata Computer Technologies' onsite installation service ensure the installation and configuration your notebook and desktop systems through convenient upgrade options from basic hardware installation up to more comprehensive data backup options. No matter which option you choose, A.C.T. specialists can work with you to coordinate a smooth, timely and affordable onsite installation for your notebooks, desktops, and workstations.

With every piece of your newly invested equipments, the challenges are often in the details - getting everything installed and working properly. Managing the hardware installation process takes time and that is something you're better off spending on bringing in revenue for you company these days.


With ACT Workstation PC Installation Services you can be sure to get

Workstation PC Installation
1. This service includes the unpacking, inspecting, and setting up of your new system;
2. connecting it to your communications/network cables and power outlets;
3. confirming that it's operational and you are able to login to the network.
4. provide a review to customer on basic system procedures and provide customer with installation record.
5. Disposing the packaging and old equipment.

Advanced Installation
* includes all of the basic installation above plus:
1. This service includes setting up of your system's resource sharing services;
2. Setup dial-up or broadband internet connection, install supported options and software,
3. connecting it to external devices and configure power backup units' software.