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Acceledata Computer Technologies (ACT) is a privately held information technology consulting company in western Canada, our focus is small businesses. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a mix of the best technologies and experienced computer professionals to assist in developing solutions for their business.

ACT understands the needs for businesses to become more efficient by down-sizing and outsourcing their information technology department. In today's rapidly changing market place where company resources are scarce, businesses can not afford to make an ill-informed IT decision nor can they wait too long to react. ACT understands these needs and has developed a team of reliable, knowledgeable and experienced professionals to meet your IT project requirements. Our goal is to accelerate our client's business process with a solution using the right products and services.

Together we will accelerate your business process.

We provide the following services to Canadian small business:

Example network implementation with ACT technologies

Total secured solution for you small/home office, with our iceSOHO server you'll be able to easily setup a small office for up to 15 Users immediately. When your business grows just add on an iceCube server for ultra reliable and fast data service, it's that easy!

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